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Hydroponic System Designs

Check out our latest designs of up and coming ideas for our farm and for our videos. Try them at home and see what we can grow together!


Videos and Tutorials

Here you can view our progress with our system as it progresses. For more up to date and personalized information visit us on social media and stay tuned into the progress!



Help us help you with merch! All profits go exclusively to new ideas for you. One day we can reach the goal of the Farm together!

We specialize in...

  • Replanting exsisting plants into hydroponics
  • Recommending great produce to grow hydroponically
  • Adapting to the needs of DIY hobbyists
  • Finding Cheap and Easy solutions for you at home to try out
  •  Being your best friend

“Find a new center in your life through Diligence , Care, Joy, and Plants “

Check out these Progress Photos!

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Show us love and support with letters to read with the plants. Your love makes us grow stronger!


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